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Smallmouth Fishing 

Winter Winding Down

Smallmouth Bass Preparing to Spawn

As winter relinquishes its icy grip and the air begins to warm, smallmouth bass eagerly seek out warmer waters and begin to feed in preparation for the upcoming spawn. This season marks a prime opportunity to catch some of the biggest fish of the year. It is important to note that despite the warm air, the water remains chilly during this early season.

The Pre-Spawn period is a time where a single catch may indicate that more fish are nearby. Using a variety of techniques, anglers can expect to catch healthy and strong smallmouth bass. The air may be warm and inviting, but the water is still cold enough to require extra layers of clothing.

Spring Arrival

Smallmouth begin spawning

From May through June, smallmouth bass can be seen spawning throughout the lake. Lake St. Clair, in particular, is a massive spawning flat with waves of smallmouth bass in various stages of the spawning process. Anglers may employ different techniques depending on the wind direction and water clarity.

During the Spawn, smallmouth bass may be seen in different phases of the process, but each phase offers an opportunity to catch a prized fish. As the water warms up, more smallmouth bass will be visible in shallower waters.

Post-Spawn Summer

Smallmouth school up in deeper waters

As the spawn concludes, smallmouth bass begin to migrate offshore to deeper waters where they will form schools once again. Summer days with schools of smallmouth bass make for excellent fishing. With a variety of lures and techniques, anglers can expect to catch numerous smallmouth bass. It is important to note that schools may change locations depending on the water clarity and wind direction.

The Waning Days Of Summer

Smallmouth bass feast before winter

As summer draws to a close, smallmouth bass migrate towards the banks, searching for easy meals to fatten up before the winter months. Late September until the lake ices over is another great time to catch a trophy smallmouth bass. The later it gets, the bigger the schools get. With the right water clarity, anglers can have an excellent day on the water.

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